Top 10 Rules and Frequently Asked Questions

Top Ten Rules of the Ranch

For your safety and the safety of our animals, we ask you to follow these basic rules:

  1. Shoes: Leather soled boots are preferred. If you are wearing tennis shoes, please make sure you have socks, and they are laced up.
  2. Shirts: Long sleeved, cotton shirts are preferred (like the cowboys wear). Fashion is not a big consideration on the ranch. Long sleeves protect your arms from limbs and sunburn. Stretchy and thin fabrics are dangerous to wear when riding through brush. Also, don’t forget a jacket if there is a chill in the air!
  3. Pants: Denim jeans are highly preferred: Absolutely no shorts or capris!
  4. Sun Protection: Hats, caps, and sunglasses are preferred to protect from the Texas sun. Sunscreen is also recommended.
  5. Water: Always stay hydrated. If you need water, please ask.
  6. Timeliness: In the west, early is on time and on time is late. If you are late, we will leave the barn without you. No refunds.
  7. Follow Our Directions: Often people are late because they search for us on their phone. We know where it is, just ask.
  8. Insects: Seasonally, a variety of insects are present. Please use insect repellent as needed.
  9. Natural Creatures : Be cautious of natural creatures to the Texas Panhandle: Horny toads, deer, wild pigs, rattlesnakes, insects. (remember, they are as frightened of you, as you are of them – if you see them, go the other way!)
  10. Have lots and lots of fun at Los Cedros Ranch!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there restrooms?

Yes, “outhouses” are available. They are custom-built, better than a hole in the ground, but not as good as your Chevron station.

Can we feed the animals?

No, our horses and cattle need special dietary foods. If you are helping with “chores”, we will direct you for feeding.

Can we take photographs?

Absolutely. We are very proud of the beauty of Texas and Los Cedros Ranch. Please feel free to document your visit with photographs. We just caution you to be safe taking photographs while you are riding.

Can we smoke?

No. Due to extreme fire danger in West Texas and pollution, there is no smoking on the ranch in any location.

Are there weight limits for riding?

Yes, 250 pounds.

Are there age limits?

No one younger than 3 may ride. We offer buddy saddle riding for children ages 3-7. This is a very safe form of riding for young ones and allows them to ride with the family and gain a knowledge of what riding a horse is all about. Ask us for more information. No double riding is allowed.

What if I don’t want to ride a horse?

We offer a beautiful location for hiking. Our picnic area has chairs and a hammock with shade. You can hang out in the barn with the horses. We have a four wheel ATV for excursions if you would like. And, our dogs are very entertaining with a rock and a stick!

Can we bring a group out?

Sure! We welcome groups from 15 – 150 people with our highly entertaining Chuckwagon Events. You can even ride our horses during this event! Although, not everyone will be able to ride at the same time, we have alternate activities to keep everyone entertained until your turn to ride comes up.

Will we ride if it is raining?

It depends. We will postpone if the weather conditions are unsafe. If it is lightening, too hot, too cold, or icy – we will not ride. We will never ride if it is unsafe for our guests, horses or ourselves.

For any other questions contact us at or (806) 672-9256