About Cowgirls and Cowboys in the West

Who are we?

We are Texans who love the heritage, western life and the flavors of America’s western culture. We love our ranches, western music, western lore, herding cattle, ridin’ horses and history of the Wild, Wild, West.

What is more important for you, is that we love introducing visitors to the rich traditions of the West and the Texas Panhandle. We specialize in tourism, hospitality, food, history, and just showing off our land, our horses, our cattle, and the dramatic and colorful western heritage of Texas! We have the knowledge and skills to help you experience the history of our beautiful and historic land in very personal way – that will create memories of a lifetime. When you depart our company, you will have known true Texas Hospitality!

“Creating memories of a lifetime!”

Our Principle Partners – Phyllis Golden & Hank**
**(see Facebook: Hank the Cow Horse)


Cowgirls and Cowboys in the West was started by Phyllis Golden, and her friends and family, to introduce international, and domestic, travelers to the exciting experiences of the American West.

Born into a family of hoteliers, she has provided exceptional hospitality experiences in metropolitan areas such as New York, Phoenix, and Seattle – as well as smaller, more intimate markets in Oklahoma, Arkansas, New Mexico and Texas. Settling in West Texas in the early 1990’s she slowly transitioned from the hotel business to the cattle business. Phyllis has combined her love for both, by offering tourism experiences that focus on the Best of the West! We welcome you to experience Texas hospitality from a true, experienced, hospitality professional and her Cowboy and Cowgirl team!

For information on private events and tours, please contact Phyllis

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Our Website Manager – Chris Hatfield

Chris Hatfield and Family at Los Cedros

Chris has been working with Phyllis and Cowgirls & Cowboys in the West, since their early days. He and his family have ridden every trail on the ranch, and even helped calm the cattle herd so that riders from foreign lands could experience the closeness of being next to the animals that are, so much, a part of our heritage. If you see anything misspelled or out of place on the website, please email him.

Enjoy your Ride!

“Our favorite place to be!”

Photos of our other Cowgirls and Cowboys?

As you browse through this website and our Facebook Pages, you will see photos of  our guests, our crew and our beautiful animals!  There are so many wonderful photos of these fine folks, we could never have enough space to do them justice! But please browse around this website and our FB pages – Cowgirls and Cowboys in the West.com , Hank the Cow Horse and, Cowgirls Catering – you’ll see some great photos and videos!


Weather Alert

Because all of our adventures are outdoors, please be aware we may have to change the agenda, postpone, change locations, or even cancel an event due to weather or “Acts of God”.

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